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About Us

Fairies and Fantasy is an Australian company run by artists, for artists!

Born from an imaginative mind of daydreaming and romance, Fairies and Fantasy was created by Australian artist Selina Fenech. Selina has been displaying her fairy and fantasy themed artwork online since she was 16 years old. Art has always been part of her life, and soon she saw it take over completely, after registering her business in 2002 and beginning a full fledged career selling her art and designer merchandise gift range. In April of 2006, Selina launched the Spellbound Greetings card range, in an effort to provide quality products and licensing to her fellow artists in the fantasy field. In 2008, Selina has continued to expand her business by providing more sales and services for artists, first bringing the range of Jessica Galbreth Enchanted Art to Australia, and then expanding the Fairies and Fantasy art range with the popular artwork of Jasmine Becket-Griffith, Amy Brown, Stephanie Law, Michele-lee Phelan and more.

Selina incorporated and began Fairies and Fantasy Pty Ltd in 2010. From humble origins, the Fairies and Fantasy range has gone from a single artist hand making small, unique gifts, to a six figure importing and exporting business with multiple employees. Quality and hand crafting processes are still valued greatly, with most products in the range assembled by hand in the Sydney based studio. Great pride is taken in sharing our magical range with people around the world.

Fairies and Fantasy has had happy customers and collectors in over 40 countries worldwide!

Selina Fenech- Artist and Owner of Fairies and FantasySelina- Owner, Designer, Artist
Selina oversees the Fairies and Fantasy business and handles most day to day tasks herself. Apart from creating her own artworks for her collection that started it all, Selina has a degree in Graphic Design and designs all of the products, business identity and websites herself. Selina enjoys contact with her customers, and most customer service enquiries will be answered by her.

David- Manager, Administration
David joined the business in 2006, and began taking over the management tasks. With a Masters degree in economics and a history in financial services and project management, David's expertise has allowed the business to continue to grow into exciting new areas.

Lindsey- Helper Fairy
Lindsey is Selina's primary assistant and right hand fairy. She oversees order fulfillment and website updates.

Lisa- Helper Fairy
Helps with order fulfillment, crafting and packing the Fairies and Fantasy products for your orders.

Baby P- Fairy Minion
Little Baby P doesn't always do much helping out, but provides gurgles and smiles and fairy baby love to the Fairies and Fantasy workplace.


Art Print - Celestial Hymn by Jessica Galbreth Art Print - Charming Thief by Selina Fenech Art Print - Skulls and Stars by Jasmine Becket-Griffith Art Print - Fiona and the Unicorn by Jasmine Becket-Griffith