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DIY Dolls - Fairytales Mini Set by Selina Fenech

DIY Dolls - Fairytales Mini Set by Selina Fenech
DIY Darlings are beautifully painted doll designs by the Fairies and Fantasy artists, printed onto fabric, ready for you to cut and sew yourself!

These items are NOT finished dolls.

They are a printed doll pattern on lovely soft microsuede fabric plus detailed instructions for you to sew yourself. The instructions include lots of photos and tips, so even if you're never sewn a doll before you can follow them. When completed, DIY Darling dolls range in size between 9-13 inches or 21-30cm tall, or 4-5 inches tall for Minis. Some dolls have included wings printed onto stiff felt.

DIY Darlings include: Printed fabric doll pattern (100% polyester fabric) and instructions.

You will need: Sewing machine, scissors, stuffing, pins, needle and thread. It is possible to sew the designs by hand but the instructions are written for use with a machine for best results.

Sewing Skill level: Easy-medium. Happy sewing!
Retail price: AUD 15.00
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